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48 Tab-style Sew-In Seam labels | Fold-over Labels for handmade creations

48 Tab-style Sew-In Seam labels | Fold-over Labels for handmade creations
These center fold labels, loop fold labels or mid fold labels are designed to fold in the middle and be sewn into a seam of your clothing or other textile items. So, they hang out, tab-style. You can fit your logo, brand name or care instructions on both sides of the fold.

Put some extra class to your garment. Use your brand name or logo to give it that finishing touch and to let your customer know you make quality. Make your creations true originals.

- Fits your logo or (brand) name printed in full colour
- Laser cut as a rectangle, to be folded short-ways in the middle
- Sizes indicate the visible parts of the label once the label is folded and sewn in the seam.
- Sewn into the seam, with extra 0.4"/~1 cm sew-in seam
- Makes your products look very professional
- may be (boil) washed, dry cleaned and machine dried (Jersey)

We also supply fabric labels, matching Hang Tags and Wash Care Labels in small quantities!

Front side:
Text: Pitch:
Back Side:
Text colour:
Quantity:   X 48 Labels Usually ships within 1-2 working days Express Service
Will be shipped on Wednesday 18th December 2019